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Media Release - Reuters Story

Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corp (BTAC) is the prescribed body corporate for the Thalanyji native title holders of the lands in and around Onslow.

As part of its role, BTAC is involved in a number of separate negotiations and disputes with Minderoo Pastoral Company over a range of issues, including Minderoo’s damming and extraction of water from the Ashuburton River to irrigate artificial feeds to support its rising cattle numbers.

A number of comments attributed to BTAC and its CEO Matthew Slack in a Reuters story today about Minderoo and its use of indigenous land laws are either incorrect and/or culturally insensitive.

In particular, BTAC cannot and does not speak on cultural matters concerning the Thalanyji people and it would never publicly discuss Thalanyji dreamtime on their behalf.

BTAC also rejects the some of the overly emotive language used by the journalist to characterise its views of the relationship between BTAC and Minderoo. 

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