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Thalanyji Trusts & Advisory Council


In December 2010 the Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation with support of the Thalanyji people entered into a milestone agreement with Chevron over the Wheatstone Project. In return for the Thalanyji people’s approval to develop the Wheatstone Project, Chevron agreed to make significant financial commitments with payments to be made to a Direct Benefits Trust and the Charitable Trust.

Trustee Advisory Council

The Trustee Advisory Council (TAC) is established under section 5.10 of the Charitable Trust Deed and the Direct Benefits Trust Deed. The purpose of the TAC is to:

  • Assist the Trustee to manage its relationship with and liaise with Thalanyji People and BTAC
  • Foster mutual respect and co-operations between Thalanyji People, the Trustee and BTAC
  • Monitor whether the Trustee complies with Chapter 5 (Thalanyji People) and Chapter 16 (Executive Office) of the Trust Deeds and provide the Trustee with recommendations about those matters
  • Provide recommendations to the Trustee about the objects and terms of the Trust generally and develop the executive capacity and community development functions of the Executive Office.

More information on Trust management and the Trustee Advisory Council is available in our member’s access section, as well as TAC Annual Reports and Plans.