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Minarl Travel

Maximising Aboriginal Potential


Nyungar welcome

Ngulluk djinoong kura kura yeye dat njyin nitja, ngulluk njyiny ngulla boodja, ngulluk djurapiny ngulla burdiyias ngulluk kooriliny Kura kura, yeye, burda burda Nyungar/ Wadjella koorl burda djinoong ni wanginy nitja ngulla boodja.

English Translation

We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional owners of the Nyungar people, on whose land we stand, and pay our respects to those who were the first custodians of this land. Together we acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal Australians and non-Aboriginal Australians to this country. We all live in, and share, Western Australia

Why Minarl Travel Group?

In the language of the Thalanyji people who live on the lands to the east of Onslow in the Pilbara, Minarl means “to walk about” or “to explore”.  

It’s a fitting name for a business which believes in supporting its clients whenever and wherever needed so they are free to wander through this great terrain; for a company which operates in Western Australia and is the first Aboriginal owned and operated Travel Agency in either State.

We invite you to journey with us and reach out to communities who will benefit from what we can together provide.

What We Do

 Minarl is driven by a desire to help empower the First People of Australia to achieve their aspirations for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Our works centres around Corporate Travel Management, and Resource Travel Management – it’s what we’re good at.  Through our extensive networks of relationships, partnerships and contacts across Western Australia and South Australia we deliver to our clients the best outcomes while simultaneously maximising Aboriginal potential.

It’s not easy to engineer a win-win situation, and we can’t do it alone. It demands creativity, innovation and hard work as well as collaboration with our partners and clients, plus their understanding and support.

To make a difference, we believe you have to be different. If you always do the same, there’ll be no change. And if you want better, you need to do better. So we test new ideas, review the results and seek feedback to generate knowledge. We strive to continually learn from others – in observation and discussion.

It’s a journey which is an exciting, worthwhile undertaking. Join us in making the dream a reality.
Join us in making that difference.

Our Work, Our Methods


Corporate Travel Management and Resource Travel Management is the strong arm of Minarl.   We are a member of the country’s leading professional travel body, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA). 

We’re also part of AFTA’s Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) which vets travel agents against strict criteria to ensure they meet certain standards, are reliable and professional with well-trained staff. ATAS agents must meet high standards of business discipline, training and compliance with both Australian consumer law and a strict code of conduct. It ensures you enjoy peace of mind when booking travel with us.

We do the leg work to ensure a smooth, hassle-free business trip while you set the agenda and stay in control. Whether it’s in Australia or overseas, our local knowledge will help advise, arrange and prepare you for the customs, language, climate and sights of your destinations.

Because we believe travel shouldn’t cost the earth, we source the most competitive options to provide exceptional value for money. And our fast and efficient state-of-the-art travel booking technology, including an online self-booking tool, provides comprehensive reporting and bottom-line accountability.

That’s music to the ears of CEOs and CFOs, but the administration function is not forgotten, either. We give you one point of contact from the beginning to the end of your trip, so you can be assured of contacting your team members with a single phone call to us.

Contact us

[email protected]