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We have united with leading Pilbara health care providers East Pilbara Independence Support (EPIS) in an initiative to bring vital health and aged care services to the Onslow community. The project is in the initial research stages, but looks to launch a number of key services this year.


 Stage One 

A detailed gap analysis was performed in Onslow in August 2016, which sought to determine:

  • What health and medical services are available in town
  • What services community members would like
  • Requirements of service providers to put additional services in town


 Stage Two

Implementing community-based day and respite care. This stage commenced September 2016, and sees EPIS providing day activity services for the senior residents of Onslow.


Stage Three

After community consultation, Stage Three was redefined in Q2 of 2017 to align with more urgent requirements. As a result, we began the Elder Housing Project. This project aims to deliver state-of-the-art residential homes for seniors in Onslow. 

These homes are flexible to cater to varying levels of support requirements, from the occasional visitor to those needing 24/7 support from a live-in carer. In a unique initiative, they have also been designed specifically not just with aged care requirements, but with cultural requirements in mind. 

Located on Hooley Ave in Onslow, each home is able to house two people receiving care and a 24/hour carer at any one time, and have been designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility and support. 

The homes are currently in the build phase, with the land having been cleared and the buildings soon to be ready for deployment to Onslow. 


Stage Four

Establishing a respite care centre is a key aspect of the Aged Care services project. To provide this service we will be refurbishing and renovating one of the buildings at the McRae Place hostel into a 6-bed respite care facility. The facility will be fully staffed 24 hours a day for week-long respite events.   Respite care will be particularly targeted at individuals stepping down from hospital care, preparing for hospital care, and respite to give carers, families, and the care recipient a break. 

This part of the program is currently in the planning phase and we hope to have a definitive timeline for the project by the end of 2018.


Although these are the goals we are currently focused on, our Aged Care project is a long-term, wide-ranging mission that we will build on over a number of years to support the Aboriginal community. 


Check back regularly for updates on what we are working on in this space. aged care unit